10 Tech-Real Estate Tools You Need To Buy and Sell More Properties In This Brand New Real Estate Market

Real estate has always been a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Successful Realtors have to be flexible, adaptable, and comfortable with changing directions quickly. These characteristics come in handy as we begin to navigate a new real estate environment. Realtors all over the world are quickly shifting their strategies and methodologies to adapt to the new needs of buyers and sellers. This includes using high-tech tools to work smarter, not harder.

We’ve put together a list of 10 high-tech tools that you’ll need to buy and sell more properties this year:

For Organization

Top Realtors know that closing deals require time management, patience, persistence, effective communication, and organization. Staying organized is the key to giving your clients what they need when they need it.

Some high-tech ways to stay organized throughout the chaos are:
Trello – If you could combine Pinterest and an innovative task management software, you’d have Trello. Trello and helps you organize all your projects into visual boards, so you can keep track of everything and organize your tasks by what is done, what needs to be done, and what is complete

Evernote – Top Realtors are constantly thinking, jotting down notes, sending emails, and putting plans together. Evernote helps you keep all of these notes in one place so that they are organized and easy to get to. You can easily share these notes, and merge them with projects, to-do lists, and plans.

For Managing Teams

One of the great things about a virtual tour is how easy it is to share. You can send a link over to an interested buyer via email or text message, and they Organization can be tricky if you’re an individual agent. But if you’re managing a team, it can be even more challenging. Realtors are used to being out in the field, working with people, and/or working in a communal office space. Now, more teams are working remotely and brokers are in charge of keeping everybody organized. 

One of the great things about a virtual tour is how easy it is to share. You can send a link over to an interested buyer via email or text message, and they

Some high-tech tools we love for managing teams include:

Clozio – Some Realtors find that keeping checklists help keep them organized and helps keep their team unified. But checklists only work if everybody is working off of the same document with the same goals. Clozio allows you to create and share custom checklists and allows team members to work off of them in real-time. With three different subscription levels, you can choose the features that make the most sense for your team. 

Basecamp – Basecamp is a must for real estate professionals who want to streamline their processes and increase productivity. With Basecamp, you can set deadlines and reminders, share and edit documents, generate conversation threads, and assign responsibilities to team members. It can improve efficiency, minimize errors, and allows everyone to see what is going on at all times. 

For Communication

Even professional style quality can leave interested buyers wondering about the smallest details of a property. Photos make it difficult to gauge how one Effective communication is key when buying and selling property. Successful Realtors understand the importance of rapid response times and giving clients multiple options for communication. 

Tech tools and apps that top agents and brokers are using to stay connected include:

Slack – Many Realtors are glued to their laptops and smart devices, knowing that one missed message or email could result in a lost sale. Slack helps to streamline all of your email correspondence, so you can find the info you need without wasting time checking various inboxes and scrolling through endless email chains. Slack makes it easy to classify messages and emails by priority, so questions get answered faster and tasks are completed more efficiently

SlackBoomerang for Gmail – If you use Gmail as your primary email account, you should look into Boomerang. This innovative app helps you schedule emails and follow-ups, and reminds you when a client hasn’t responded so you can stay on top of your communication. The basic account is free, but you can upgrade to the personal, pro, or premium options. 

For Marketing

Marketing is a significant part of being a successful Realtor, and finding creative ways to list and market properties is what sets good Realtors apart from great Realtors. Now, we’re in a time where marketing methodologies have shifted and Realtors are having to re-evaluate the way they reach their target audience and market their properties. 

The number one tech tool that Realtors are using now to vamp up their marketing strategy is through virtual tours. Virtual tours are undoubtedly the next step in modern real estate marketing, and buyers and sellers are looking for this option in this new era of real estate. Virtual tours allow buyers to experience a home in a way that they can’t through photos and add a whole new layer of safety, security, and convenience for sellers. 

USBN Media not only offers the latest in 3D virtual tours for Realtors but other high-tech marketing options such as:

Other tech tools Realtors & Real Estate Brokers are using to be successful in the current market include:

Canva – Canva makes it easy for real estate agents of all skill levels to create eye-catching marketing materials. From pamphlets and business cards to posters, infographics, and flyers, the easy user interface makes it easy to drag and drop features to create materials that will get your target audience’s attention.

HootSuite – Social media is a Realtor’s best friend, but keeping track of posts, likes, shares, and comments can be a full-time job. HootSuite allows you to create social media campaigns, schedule them, and keep track of feedback and responses. Four pricing plans make it easy for individual agents and teams to find the features they need to maintain a strong social media presence. 

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to step up your marketing strategy, a virtual tour is the best way to do it. It adds convenience to a sometimes overwhelming process and Real estate is a people-centered business, and top Realtors understand that success happens when you can use technology to maximize communication, productivity, and strategy. Embracing technology makes your job easier, helps you connect with clients, and establishes you as an expert in your field.

Want to discuss the right tech tools to help you buy and sell more properties? Contact us today! 


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