Six Reasons Your Property Needs A Virtual Tour

Virtual tours aren’t just a bonus on a real estate listing description anymore. They are powerful and innovative tools used by contractors, architects, interior designers, real estate agents, and investors to give buyers an immersive property experience. But virtual tours aren’t just beneficial for the buyer. They can help real estate professionals save time, save money, and build their personal brand.

Top agents all across the country and realizing the benefits of virtual tours in real estate and using them to sell more property and make more money. Here’s how they can help you:

Save Time

Setting up open houses can take up a lot of your time, and they can be especially frustrating if nobody shows up or they aren’t generating the action and interest that you’d like. With virtual tours, you can host one tour, save it, and share it with a single click. This means less time scheduling, planning, preparing, and hosting open houses and property tours, and more time building your brand. When you create a virtual tour, you can share it with interested clients so they can access it whenever they want, as often as they want, without having to schedule a tour with you. 

Save Money

Virtual tours bring exceptional value to property buyers, sellers, and investors. If you were to calculate all the time and money spent on meeting clients for property tours, the cost of partnering with local businesses to add that personalized touch, and other expenses associated with property tours, you’d wonder why you didn’t switch over to virtual tours sooner. The cost of a virtual tour is well worth the cost and pays for itself in just a short amount of time. 

Brings More People To Your Website

If your property has a virtual tour, people will stay on your website longer to check it out. This is great for SEO and helps you appear in more Google search results. Listings with virtual tours receive up to 40% more clicks than those without, which means you significantly increase the attention your property generates.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Virtual tours can help diversify your social media strategy and give you something of value to share with your audience. Virtual tours can easily be shared across all social media platforms, and more importantly, can be shared quickly. People who are impressed with the technology can (and will) share the links with people they know who are in the market for a property like yours. An active social media presence also helps you appear higher in Google searches and drives more people to your website.

Helps Build Your Brand

People want to buy and invest in a property from people they can trust. They are looking for someone who is professional, knowledgeable, tech-savvy, innovative, relatable, honest, and engaging. A virtual tour can be part of your branding strategy and is a modern way to show potential clients who you are. Including a virtual tour for your property shows that you care about attention to detail, that you are dedicated to giving them all the information they need to make a confident and informed decision. 

Provide An Immersive Experience

High-quality photos, video tours, and 2D and 3D floor plans all work together to give interested buyers all the information they need. But a virtual tour allows them to experience the property in a way that they can’t through still images. Virtual tours allow them to fully immerse themselves in the property and see what it would be like to walk through the space. As they explore the property, they immediately start to envision how they will live or work in the space. This allows the client to start building a sense of ownership and emotional connection to the property, which is very hard to do through photos alone.

Final Thoughts

Not only does a virtual tour save time and money, but it also helps establish you as an expert in your industry. Virtual tours give you an advantage over your competition and increase your chances of closing the deal. More and more buyers are expecting virtual options, 3D floor plans, and walkthrough video tours to give them the information they need to move forward.

Click here to learn more about how easy (and cost-effective) it can be to add a virtual tour to your real estate listings.


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